The IMC provides a broad range of General Practice services to young people but we want to ensure young people get the support and guidance they need as they progress from childhood through adolescence and into young adulthood. Children and young people represent a third of our country (UK wide) and their wellbeing will determine our future. Improving their health and wellbeing is a key priority for all health care professionals.

During these years, young people undergo many changes, both physically and mentally but also with regard to giving consent, issues with privacy and parental involvement. We have identified a wide range of priorities in relation to children and young people, from improving care for children with special educational needs, supporting integration and development of new models of care, improving mental health services, to improving transition to adult services. Not all services are available on Alderney but we have referral processes in place to specialists in Guernsey or further afield.

Guernsey have recently appointed a Consultant in Community Paediatrics, Dr Amma Oppong. We also have a regular paediatric clinic on island with visiting Paediatricians from Guernsey.

Dr Oppong was also part of a multi-disciplinary team responsible for the clinical assessment and management of children with developmental and neurodevelopmental disorder prior to coming to Guernsey and we are able to refer directly to her in relation to children with possible autism as well as other disorders.

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