Guernsey MIND and Alderney MIND have a vision to support the people of the Bailiwick, encouraging a positive attitude towards mental health and supporting the mental wellbeing for all.

Alderney MIND in Ollivier Street have a purposely designed building with spaces for both group and one-to-one counselling and therapies for people over the age of 16. Lisa Millan is the Alderney MIND co-ordinator, contactable by email

You don’t need a referral but if you would prefer the doctor to write a referral we can help with that, once we have seen and discussed the problems with you.

Guernsey and Alderney MIND encourage you to contact them if you would like to talk or are worried about someone else.

All services are free of charge.

The IMC doctors also work closely with the Older Adults Mental Health Team, based at the Oberlands in Guernsey. There are regular visits to Alderney by the psychiatric consultants and the Community Psychiatric Nurse. Other mental health referrals can be made to the Drug and Alcohol team, the Child and Adolescent Mental health Service (CAMHS) often in conjunction with the school nurse or health visitor, as well as more specialised private referrals for ADD/ADHD.

Covid 19 lockdowns caused a significant rise in mental health illness across the Bailiwick and Alderney has not been spared from this. Poor mental health can affect everyone across all age groups. With our high dependency ratio on island, we also see increasingly lonely older people, living on their own and this can have a massive impact on their lives.

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