The Hospital consists of 22 beds, 14 of which are designated for continuing care or long-stay patients. There are a further 8 beds for acute admissions, usually for medical emergencies but also for patients returning from surgery in Guernsey or UK who need additional nursing care before going home. There is a well equipped treatment room with 2 emergency bays, an outpatient department, and digital x-ray facilities.

Nursing staff from the hospital also provide care for patients in the community that are unable to attend the hospital for specialist dressings or other nursing procedures. Nursing staff are also required to escort patients on air transfers to the PEH in Guernsey, although doctors will also accompany patients with critical care needs.

Digital X-Ray department

Visiting specialists from the Guernsey Medical Specialist Group, and other Health Professionals from The Committee for Health & Social Care, visit Alderney regularly to carry out clinics at MMH, and within the community. Video conferencing equipment facilities are available and are particularly effective for remote case meetings and mental health appointments.

Our doctors are contracted by CfHSC to provide 24 hour care 365 days of the year to the hospital in-patients as well as providing round the clock care to outpatients who need emergency treatment. Accidents include broken bones, dislocations, falls, sprains, cuts, as well as medical emergencies such as heart attack, strokes and complications of diabetes. among many more.

Modern treatment rooms.